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anacision bei der Predictive Analytics World Konferenz in Berlin

Karlsruhe, 9.11.2017. Im Rahmen der kommenden Predictive Analytics World Konferenz Berlin, wird Rico Knapper, Chief Data Scientist der anacision, gemeinsam mit Christoph Heckmann, Business Development Manager der Linde Group, über Praxiserfahrungen zu Predictive Maintenance berichten. Die Konferenz findet vom 13. bis 14. November im Estrel Hotel Berlin statt. Termin des anacision Vortrags ist Montag, der 13.11. um 10:20 Uhr.


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Titel und Vorschau zum Vortrag

Predictive Maintenance within the Linde Group - The Success of Tailormade Prediction Model


Linde as industrial gas company is operating hundreds of large-scale industrial plants worldwide. Big critical components like rotating machines are equipped with dozens of sensors and deliver a continuous data stream. In total, hundred thousands of sensors generating gigabytes of sensor data every day.

The high reliability of these machines led to a low number of total shutdowns in the past. The variety of the failures, causing the shutdowns, provides an additional level of complexity. Thus, applying common predictive maintenance approaches like pattern recognition did not deliver the expected results.

This track will demonstrate how smart data science and operational expertise in combination, can be the key enabler to the overall goal: The prediction of necessary maintenance activities and the avoidance of unplanned shutdowns.


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Zu den Referenten

Rico Knapper, Chief Data Scientist anacision

Rico Knapper studied Mathematics at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany. From 2009 till 2016 he worked as Research Assistant, Department Manager and Division Manager on applied Data Science projects at the FZI Research Center for Information Technology in Karlsruhe, Germany. In 2016, Rico Knapper co-founded the “anacision GmbH // an EXXETA company” and is currently involved in various applied Data Science projects in collaboration with different industrial customers.

Christoph Heckmann, Business Development Manager, Linde Digitalisation, The Linde Group. 

After his studies of mechanical engineering and a semester abroad in South Africa, Christoph held various positions within the Engineering Division of the Linde Group. As founding member, he contributed significantly to the ramp up of the new Linde Digitalisation unit since 2015.

Industry 4.0, Internet of Things, Big Data Analytics and Augmented Reality are no longer abstract terms, but are more and more implemented successfully into the company’s business.

Christoph is convinced, that all stored data within the company is an undiscovered treasure. Convinced that we have to treat the data as a real asset, he is leading the predictive maintenance project for the Linde Group.